Building Energy Index Working Group - Meeting 2
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Building Energy Index Working Group - Meeting 2

EC Diamond Building, Putrajaya
Date: 21 Sep 2017
Time: 9:00am - 5:00am
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BEI Labelling For Government Buildings
Organization: KeTTHA
Organizing Person: Zulkiflee Umar & Datin Paduka Che Asmah Ibrahim (MGTC)
Department: Suruhan Tenanga (ST) (Energy Commission)
Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
EC Diamond Building, Putrajaya

Chea Suei Keong (GGAC Chapter Chair) & Ir TL Chen (DL)
Faizul Ideris (FMM), Dr Nor Zaini Ikrom Zakaria (UITM), Wang Tze Wee (Putrajaya Corp), Ir Syed Jaafar Idid Syed Abdylla Idid (JKR Putrajaya), The Masnira Mohd Hassan (JKR CAST), Ir Looi Hip Peu (GBI), Lee Siew Teng (MASHRAE), Marina Yong (BSEEP), Prof Madya Dr Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei (CETREE), Dr Mardiana Idayu Ahmad (CETREE), Mohd Shah Hmambali Arifin (SEDA), Hjh Masilah Bandi (MGTC), Ir Dr Norhayati bt Mat Wajid (JKR CKM), Nadia Binti Mohd (SIRIM), Khairuddin Haikal (Putrajaya Corp), Wong Tin Song (KeTTHA) Falisya Binti Noor Azam (KeTTHA), Emily Neoh Gaik Kin (KeTTHA), Ir Dr KS Kanan, Ir Hj Baihaki Bin Azraee (JKR CKE), Mohd Hanikal Jamamlidin (KKM) and Aidil Saifu Abu Bakan (JKR).

KeTTHA to implement Building Energy Index Building Label for all Government buildings and proposed BEI Methodology such as:
1. Using the same principal as MEPS for Appliances where difference category/type/operation/AC area of building will have difference average value BEI>
2. Base on the actual market data, example Government Buildings based on 64 buildings.
3. This proposal will cater the difference in the operation/type of the building, example difference AC area coverage, difference operation hours and etc.
4. This method will be dynamic which after certain period of tome, the rating can be revised again based on whole Malaysia marjet penetration and achievement.

Implementation Plan

1. Development of BEI Labelling (Workshop and engagement with building owners)
2. Endorsement by MTHPI.
3. Issuance of BEI Lable for pilot group of Government office (68 Buildings).

1. Jan-Mar : a. Awareness to all building owners (Q1 2018). B. Data collection and consolidation for BEI Label reviewing.
2. Reissue BEI Label for the buildings.

1. Jan-Mar : Data collection (Electricity data for previous year)
2. April : Reissue BEI Lable for the building.
3. Awareness on Energy Efficiency program.
4. Expand on phase 2, ie Universitites, Boarding schools, etc.
5. Review Phase 1 BEI Labelling criteria.

1. BEI Labelling will provides an information on the current building’s energy performance.
2. Can help governments to pro-actively achieve national energy targets by creating environmental, social and economical sustainability in building sector.
3. Increases awareness of energy consumption and enables consumers to compare with other buildings performance.

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