Leadership recall interview with Ir Tan Chioo Bin conducted (Chapter President: 2017 - 2019)

A leadership recall interview with Ir Tan Chioo Bin was conducted on 8th November 2022 by Mr. Chan Jian Wen.

1. How did you become an engineer? Was it your childhood ambition?

  • I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After 10 years of practicing, I’ve become a Professional Engineer, Mechanical in 2006. 
  • Yes, Engineer is one of my childhood ambitions.

2. Tell us briefly about your career as an HVAC engineer.

  • I started my career as a project engineer with an Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) contractor in 1996. 3 years later, I move-on and joined another HVAC contracting company for 4 years. In 2003, an opportunity arises which I became a Director and continue for 14 years as a partner and business owner in an HVAC contracting company. 
  • In 2018, I started to involve in building Energy and HVAC audit and become a GBI-competent Commissioning Specialist until today.

3. What are your main fields of interest in HVAC engineering research and excellence?

  • As an HVAC project engineer, my interest is to manage and deliver projects. It became very exciting and equally challenging when design changes incurred due to site constraints, I have to re-look into equipment sizing while delivering the project on schedule and within budget. In addition, I find satisfaction in carrying out professional testing and commissioning to ensure quality deliverables.
  • After involving as GBI Commissioning Specialist, my focus expanded very much into design reviews and systems commissioning. I helped the owner to improve energy efficiency by optimizing the overall system. 

4. Can you tell us briefly what your most satisfying HVAC project is?

  • My most satisfying HVAC project is the Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya – Menara Selatan in Kuala Lumpur which was completed in 2012. It is a water-cooled chiller project with 2 nos. of 800RT chillers and 2 nos. of 400RT baby chillers for night load operation. There are 5 nos. of Operating Theatres (OT) and 5 nos. of Isolation Rooms in the project. It’s the largest and most complex project that I’ve completed so far, in which I learned the most detailed engineering and unique control system for the OT.

5. You have been very active in the HVAC industry over the years.  How did you first become involved in the MASHRAE?

  • I was first involved in MASHRAE in 2010 when Dennis Lim invited me to help him in the preparation of the Souvenir Program for the Annual Dinner 2010. Then, I continue volunteering and take-up the Chapter Chair for Research Promotion role in 2011, eventually I was the Chapter President for the Year 2017–19.​​​​​​

6. You have contributed much valuable time to MASHRAE and HVAC industry.  Do you think the time has been well spent?  What are the benefits you have gained and the satisfaction you have derived from all these volunteerisms?

  • Yes, volunteerism work in MASHRAE has also enriched my leadership skills and networking in the industry.

7. Can you give some advice to those engineers and members out there who have yet to volunteer their services to MASHRAE?

  • Get involved, join the MASHRAE family, contribute, and at the same time build your network in the industry.

8. How do you think ASHRAE can contribute to society, especially with issues of energy efficiency and global warming?

  • ASHRAE contributed to advancing human well-being through research and sustainable technology, focusing on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, high-performance buildings, and refrigeration across the industry.

9. Are you proud of being an engineer?

  • Yes, I’m proud to be involved in building the HVAC industry for the country and focusing on energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of the environment.

10. What is your advice for young engineers?

  • Work hard, love what you do, and strive for excellence.

11. Finally, what advice can you give to the present and future BOGs of MASHRAE?

  • Continue to serve the members and promote ASHRAE Standards, Guidelines, and Handbooks to meet the evolution of the industry.