Leadership recall interview with Mr. CHAN Jian Wen (Chapter President: 2010/11)

  1. How did you become an engineer? Was it your childhood ambition?

  • Sometimes, during primary school before my father fetch me home after school, we drop by his workshop at Public Work Department. Lepaking around the workshop might have developed the thought of becoming an engineer in the future.    

  1. Tell us briefly about your career as an HVAC engineer.

  • Very grateful beginning with my 1st manager, Najmi Cheok BH recruited me as a system engineer. Experience in Carrier builds a strong fundamental in addition to the HVAC&R studied from UNITEN. Then, the journey continues with Precision Air Conditioner, Rear Door Heat Exchanger, Absorption Chiller, Solar Cooling System, Critical Cooling System, etc…. and bonded into the ever-evolving Data Center industry that sees so many changes that are heavily guided by ASHRAE research.

  1. What are your main fields of interest in HVAC engineering research and excellence?

  • The myth about precision air conditioner application in Data Centers where temperature and relative humidity must be precisely controlled for computer room environment. ASHRAE T.C. 9.9 have clearly advanced the technology adaptation and provided obvious guideline concerned with all aspects of mission-critical facilities, technology spaces, and electronic equipment/systems. And that’s never a size fits all the solutions. Each design must clearly balance between the Business Goals and Risk Profile.

  1. Can you tell us briefly what your most satisfying HVAC project is?

  • Something that I’ve jointly ventured: Solar Cooling. Harvesting the solar heat and conditioning the space during the peak hours. A combination of low-temperature absorption chiller, evacuated solar tube collectors, pumps, and automation system. Winner of ASEAN Energy Award by ASEAN Center of Energy in 2009/10.  

  1. You have been very active in the HVAC industry over the years.  How did you first become involved in MASHRAE?

  • Since my early years in HVAC, I have been participating ASHRAE annual dinner – where experienced the dedication of the MASHRAE committee towards contribution to society at large. Deeply impressed, and I think I might contribute something as well… maybe causing some ripple effects.

  1. You have contributed much valuable time to MASHRAE and HVAC industry, do you think the time has been well spent?  What are the benefits you have gained and the satisfaction you have derived from all this volunteerism?

  • More than 80 participants in the technical workshop on Data Center Energy Efficiency and Greening Data Center in 2011 by ASHRAE’s Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Roger R Schmidt, Don Beaty, and Ir TL Chen is a great satisfaction. An area that our industry still hasn’t progressed too far compared to our neighboring countries.

  1. How do you think ASHRAE can contribute to society, especially with issues of energy efficiency and global warming?

  • I think ASHRAE had greatly contributed, especially to the mission-critical facilities. Started with Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments in 2004, and released the latest datacom series 13th title: IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions. Clearly guiding the industry way forward and effectively towards lower PUE.

  1. Are you proud of being an engineer?

  • As always, I’ll start by introducing myself as a proud mechanical engineer that locally graduates.

  1. What is your advice for young engineers?

  • Taking risks is part of learning and development, and we should never worry to share our successes as well as failure.

  1. Finally, what advice can you give to the present and future BOGs of MASHRAE?

  • Remember our goal, continue to help elevate our members, industry, and nation into a higher value chain as learners society.