ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter-DOSH Dialogue
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ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter-DOSH Dialogue

Venue: Online meeting
Date: 21 Dec 2021
Time: 10:30am - -
                                    GAC Report                                                                                            Date: 28/12/2021
Chapter Chair: GAC
Event: ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter-DOSH Dialogue
Title: Meeting between ASHRAE Malaysia Chapter and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH),
Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. 
Organization: DOSH, Ministry of Human Resources
Government Agency Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
Date & Time: 10:30 a.m. on 21 December 2021
Place: Online meeting
ASHRAE Malaysia Chpater (AMC)
Dr. King Yeong Jin, Ts. Ng Wen Bin, Ir. Chen Thiam Leong, Ir. Ng Yong Kong, Mr. Tee Tone Vei, Ir. Den Low,
Ir. Keith Leow and Ir. Leong Siew Meng
Other Representatives: DOSH KP, Ir. Zailee bin Dollah and Ir. Mokhtar bin Sabtu
Agenda: To introduce ASHRAE and Malaysia Chapter, and explore areas that the local chapter can assist DOSH.
1) How can MASHRAE assist DOSH in reveiwing and updating the Pandemic Guidelines on Ventilation with updated information to cope with the presence of virus variants?
2) How can MASHRAE work with DOSH to disseminate detailed applications related to design, retrofit, etc  on Ventilation in particular for existing premises?
3) Any other matters that MASHRAE can assist DOSH?
Report: Following the successful launch of the DOSH Pandemic Ventilation Guidelines and MASHRAE’s Webinar 1.0, there have been continuous requests to MASHRAE for technical related information.
Topics discussed:
1) Proposed application strategies by MASHRAE
Stage 1:
How to assess existing building indoor IAQ-Ventilation condition with regards to Covid-19?
 a) Recommend (most practical) methodology to conduct an IAQ Assessment by conducting a walk-through inspection with selected IAQ component measurements.
 b) Conduct a quick inexpensive preliminary assessment using CO2 measurement to assess adequacy of Ventilation.
 c) Emphasis to avoid unnecessary full scale costly measurement of IAQ gaseous elements.
 d) Provide estimated professional fee range for such services, and who are such qualified service providers - DOSH registered IAQ Assessors or Professional Engineers (Mechanical)
Stage 2:
 a) Site Audit & Improvement Solutions for IAQ-Ventilation to mitigate Covid-19.
Stage 1 Assessment would determine if there is any need for a Stage 2 Audit.
 b) Provide recommended scope of works to be covered under the Stage 2 Audit report.
 c) Provide estimated professional fees for such services and highlight that any need to also address prevailing unsatisfactory indoor IEQ should not be part of the cost.
 d) Reminder that qualified service providers should be Professional Engineers (Mechanical).
 e) Provide 2 simplified case study template reports; i) an office with central AHU aircond, and ii) a shoplot office or restaurant with split units
Stage 3:
Application & Implementation
(Summarise prevailing solutions and caution wrt to addressing Ventilation)
 a) Increase OA and its potential impact to the cooling system - e.g. to prevent resultant high RH, increase indoor DB to sacrifice comfort? etc.
   b) Converting to (e.g.) MERV 13 will entail what modifications and the energy impact.
impact of UVC in AHU; Upper room UVGI; Far UVC; ESP filtration; ionisation; sterilization etc.
relate each solution to the various settings of Hospital, Hotel, Mall, Office, Shoplot, House, F&B, Pub, etc.
 c) Compare Capex of different technologies (including modification costs), Opex, Maintenance, Life span etc.
 d) Comparison of efficacy using equivalent CADR calculations.

DOSH KP accepted MASHRAE President's invitation to give a keynote address at the coming IAQ & Ventilation 2.0 Webinar to be held on 20 January 2022. DOSH KP expressed appreciation of MASHRE's offer of professional assistance. He reiterated that MASHRAE will be invited to participate in DOSH's updates of IAQ guidelines and other future works.


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