JKR Standard on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for Office Buildings
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JKR Standard on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for Office Buildings

Date: 08 Oct 2021
Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm
 GAC Report                                                            Date: 8/10/2021
Chapter Chair: GAC
Event: Stakeholder Consultation
Title: JKR Standard on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for Office Buildings
Organization: SIRIM and JKR
Government Agencies & Others JKR, SIRIM, DOSH & Private Sector Stakeholders: Nor Azian binti Duriat (SIRIM & Chairperson), JKR: Ir Zulkifli Abdul Rashad, Ir Zailani Nagin, Ir Jamilah and Azrul, DOSH: Nazlinayon, Stakeholders: NM Razif, Imran, Inram, Dr Malarvili, Azlina, Azhar Dr Yeoh Beng Hoong, Wan Mohd Zurin, Tan KK, Suhaimi, Raha binti Mahyudd, Abdul Malik & Raha binti Sulaiman, Daikin: Lau Tee Hau, Tay Lee Weh & Chan Hon Leong. 
Date: 8th Oct 2021
Time: 10am - 12.30pm
Place: Online meetings
MASHRAE Rep: Chea Suei Keong & Ng Yong Kong
ASHRAE Standard ASHRAE Standard 62.1: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  ASHRAE Standard 111: Measurement, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing of Building HVAC Systems
  ASHRAE Standard 55: Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy
  ASHRAE Standard 52.2: Method of Tesing General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size
  ASHRAE Standard 90.1: Enery Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings
  ASHRAE Handbook on Noise/Soind and Vibration Control.
Other Standard JKR Guidelines on the Prevention of Mould Growth in Buildings
  Industry Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality (DOSH)
  MS1525-2019 Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy for Non-Residential Buildings
  Uniform Buildong by Law (UBBL)
Agenda: Chairperson (SIRIM: Pn Nor Azian binti Duriat
  To get feedback and comments from Industries Stakeholdes on JKR Standard on Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) for Office Building.
  The objective of JKR Standard:
  a)  To provide general guidance on improving the indoor environment quality for air-conditionied office buildings based on selected parameters in accordance with the current technical requirements and best practices for better comfort and wellbeing of occupants; and
  b)  To educate, promote and create awareness among the stakeholders on indoor environmental quality of air-conditionied office buildings.
  The objective of Stakeholder Session:
  1.  To provide a venue for stakeholders to be brifed on the draft standard.

2.  To seek feedback and review from relevant stakehilders on the draft standard developed.

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