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The objectives of MASHRAE are:

1) The Advancement of the science of heating, refrigerating, and air conditioning engineering and related sciences.
2) The continuing education of the membership and other interested persons in the said sciences, through lectures,
demonstrations and publications.
3) The tradition of career guidance and financial assistance to students of sciences, and
4) The encouragement of scientific research in the HVAC Industry.

Benefits of becoming MASHRAE member:

1) Handbook Series
2) Bookstore Discounts
3) Networking
4) Knowledge
6) Professional Development
7) Benefits to Employers

Benefit Description
Handbook Series Volume series.
- HVAC Applications.
- Refrigeration.
- HVAC Systems and Equipment.
- 1 updated and distributed each membership year.
Included in your membership price.Available in SI and IP Units.All 4 are Available on 1 CD.
- Quickly search and cross reference through all four volumes.
- CD includes some updated and revised information not yet available in print.
- Find 3,000 figures and tables including zoom capabilities for larger viewing.
- Copy and paste text into other applications.
- Print Transfer over notes made from the 1997 Handbook CD.
- Convenient for laptop use in the field or on the road.
Bookstore Discounts Significant member savings on ASHRAE and Non-ASHRAE Publications.
Networking Meet your peers at meetings and outings.
Find out about new career opportunities.
Become involved in groups focused on your areas of interest.
Knowledge Latest system and technology information available.
ASHRAE Professional Development Series.
ASHRAE Home Study Courses.
ASHRAE Transactions.
ASHRAE Journal (included in membership dues).
Access to On-Line bookstore discounts.
Enhanced search capabilities.
Update membership information.
Student Branch support.
Abstract Center (8,000 abstracts).
Chapter support.
Honors and Awards.
Purchase logo merchandize.
Professional Development Annual/Winter Meetings.
Chapter Technical Meetings.
Regional Conferences.
Self-Directed Learning.
Benefits to Employers Marketing opportunities.
- Team with other companies to get larger jobs.
- Become aware of work being bid.
- ASHRAE Research Projects.
- Visibility of company name.
Access to “Leaders” in all fields of expertise.
- The best talent in the world attends ASHRAE meetings.
- Have direct access to them through committee work.
- On the job training provided free of charge.Local connections.
- Meet the key people in your area at monthly Chapter Meetings.
- Expand your network of contacts for “Crisis” periods.
- Improve chances of getting work by putting face to a name.Free leadership experience.
- Volunteering for positions in technical committees and subcommittees.
- Giving presentations.
- Writing papers.
- Organizing technical sessions.

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