Terms & Condition for Borrowers (effective 1st March 2008) :

  1. A MASHRAE member who wish to borrow any reference book, printed article or standard will need to register with the MASHRAE Library and adhere to its lending procedure.
  2. The MASHRAE member is required to deposit a non-interest bearing sum of RM 400.00 (minimum). The value of the borrowed materials shall not exceed the deposit amount. If this value is exceeded, then the borrower has to top up his deposit amount, in multiples of RM100.00.
  3. A borrower is limited to borrow up to a maximum of the following configurations provided the total value of each configuration does not exceed clause 2:
    a. two (2) nos. of reference books or,
    b. four (4) nos. of standard booklets or printed articles or,
    c. one (1) no. of reference book and a maximum two(2) nos. of standard booklets or printed articles
  4. Borrowers are encouraged to contribute a sum equivalent to 10% of the value of the books or standards as a donation to MASHRAE’s library technical resources fund.
  5. The maximum duration of borrowing is fourteen (14) calendar days. A member has to wait for a period of 14 days before he/she is allowed to borrow the same book again unless there is no reservation received by the library.
  6. Outstation members are required to inform the Secretariat via fax or written letter as to the name of books/articles required. The Secretariat shall then enquire the cost of courier service and insurance cost and inform the borrower these costs. A secretariat service charge and a donation amount equivalent to 10% of the value of books borrowed shall be remitted by the outstation member within one (1) week upon notification of the sum. Upon receipt of payment, the Secretariat shall, within two(2) weeks cause the said books to be delivered to the member.
  7. Outstation member making any borrowings shall be responsible for all cost of courier service to return borrowed books in good condition. Proof of delivery is not proof of return of book/s.
  8. The Secretariat shall impose a flat rate service charge of RM10.00 per delivery regardless of the value of books borrowed.
  9. Penalties:
    a. Late return of books – RM 5.00 per day deducted from Borrowing Deposit. If late return exceeds 60days then 100% deduction of book value.
    b. Damage of books:
    i. Condition type 1 – markings on pages. RM 2.00 per page.
    ii. Condition type 2 – loose page/s from spine. RM 10.00 lump sum regardless of value of book.
    iii. Condition type 3 – torn page/s means portion of page/s still intact to spine. RM 50.00 per page. If torn damage exceeds 25% of book then deduction shall be 100% of book value.
    iv. Condition type 4 – broken, torn or spited spine or book cover due to photocopying. RM 50.00. Folded ridge of book spine excluded.
    v. Condition type 5 – Excessive curling or folding of book cover or pages. RM 5.00 per page.
    vi. Condition type 6 – any water damage not exceeding 25% of the book. 50% deduction of book value. Otherwise 100% deduction of the book value.
    c. Lost book – 100% deduction of the book value.
  10. Outstation members shall highlight the condition of book received if this does not match that stated in the Borrowing Request Form filled in by the Secretariat.
  11. The Secretariat shall fill in the forms and state the condition of book prior to lending and the borrowing member shall sign and acknowledge the condition of book.
  12. Members may request the return of their Library Deposits at any time, provided no borrowing of book/s are outstanding.