SEDA-UNIDO Brainstorming Session
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SEDA-UNIDO Brainstorming Session

Venue: Dorsett Hotel, Putrajaya
Date: 10 Sep 2020
Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm

Event: SEDA-UNIDO Brainstorming Session
Title: Training framework for thermal energy efficiency & solar thermal technology
Organization: Malaysia Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Application Project (MAEESTA), UNIDO (Ms. Hasimah Hasan) 
Government Agency Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA)
Representatives: Ir. Leong Siew Meng


1) To localise the existing training modules that would suit the local practices/requirements.
2) To ensure training modules adhere to all related Acts/Regulations.
3) To match with updated energy efficiency and management terminology in Malaysia
4) To utilize local trainers.
Report: The brainstorming session was jointly chaired by UNIDO and SEDA.
Discussion was carried out to explore the establishment of training framework for thermal EE and solar thermal technology. 
SEDA plans to utilize the training modules previously developed by UNIDO. 
The contents of the UNIDO training modules are not entirely aligned with the draft EECA act. It was highlighted that thermal EE is 
broad. The training modules should focus on the demand side EE management. 
The gaps in the exisitn g modules were discussed. The basic requirements were missing. Some details on thermal EE are not 
covered.  Localized module need to identify the desire learning outcomes; then revisit the modules to identify the gaps.
Ways forward were discussed:
- Training Level/Type:
1.       Awareness
2.       Technical Training. The MAEESTA module will be the input for this training
3.       Competency (SEDA will liaise with Energy Commission)

- Training module framework/structure
o   Suggested that the localized modules to be prepared for modular on series basis.
o   Training execution will be discussed further (i.e online, on site, face to face etc).
o   On-site training is ideal but difficult to get the commitment from the company's management.
o   SEDA agree for technical training. To focus more on the technical class training
o   Suggested for onsite focus on the equipment handling,  learning to do measurements, identify the measurement points etc. 
This exercise can be done through collaboration with university and any training centre.

- Number of days required
o   Depends on the modules.

- Trainers
o   Suggested for SEDA to develop pool of the trainers with their CV. The experts later can discuss/decide their expertise of the 
o   To identify the Pakar Teknikal and develop focus/working group for the localize module developmen

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